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Writing Blocks Idea Dice ®

A couple of years ago my friend, multi-published author, Mia Zachary, had an idea for a plotting tool to help authors (like herself and like me) who are sometimes stymied with writers block or, as I call it, What the heck happens next in this book I’m writing???? Wouldn’t it be great, Mia thought, if one could just roll a set of dice for the answer to that question. Then she thought, why not? Why not develop a set of dice that would do exactly that–give an author ideas of what happens next?

Writing Blocks Idea Dice® were born and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a witness to its development from that single idea to the powerful plotting tool Mia has worked so hard on developing, using all sorts of plotting wisdom, from many sources, plus her own experience.

I’ve used a prototype of the Writing Blocks Idea Dice ® Writing Blocks Idea Dice ®and an early version of the guidebook. Rolling the dice is a pleasant tactile experience and the guide book a great aide in their use. The dice really do turn tackling writers block into play.

The dice can be rolled to generate story ideas, but also to spark ideas about what characters are in the story or specific ideas about what happens next in the plot. They are so versatile you can use them for whatever writing challenge you encounter.

Here’s an example of the dice being used by non-writers to come up with a story idea.

Mia has been working hard to find a way to get her Writing Blocks out to authors and other groups (schools, for example). That takes start-up money and Mia has been using Kickstarter to get that start-up money. It won’t take much. Problem is, she has only ten more days and she’s soooo close!

Here in Mia’s own words:

Writing Blocks Idea Dice® are a fun, easy to use tool to spark your creative imagination or work through writer’s block. Designed by award-winning, multi published author Mia Zachary with special color coding and a 46 page guidebook, you can roll them for story telling, role playing, improv acting, topic speaking, movie making… possibility imagining! As of tonight, the campaign is 9 days away from 10 million creative ideas; $884 away from being 75% funded… If you need a gift for the holidays, or just want to support a really cool project, please click the following link:

I’m one of the supporters! If you can be one, too, that would be terrific, but, if not, it would be great if you could share the information about the Writing Blocks Idea Dice® with facebook friends, writing groups, whoever might be interested.

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  1. a well-presented point..
    this is a big help to all the writers (like me) out there.
    this is a refreshing idea.. and very creative one…
    after watching the video, i agree this line “Writing Blocks Idea Dice® are a fun, easy to use tool to spark your creative imagination or work through writer’s block”..

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