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Formal tea at four p.m. was a Victorian practice, but I am fairly certain that Regency ladies served tea and refreshments when their friends came to call. I had the pleasure of attending a tea at my friend Catherine’s house last Saturday and I could not help feeling a little bit like a Regency lady.

There were seven of us ladies in all and we sat in Catherine’s living room with decor that looked a bit Regency.

The spread of food was impressive. Homemade scones with lemon curd, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, ham salad sandwiches, strawberries and whipped cream, crumpets, and biscuits. Well, you can see it all here.

The teas, a black vanilla tea and an herbal one, were not served in a Regency manner. Prepare to be shocked.

It tasted wonderful anyway!

Like mothers everywhere and at any time in history we talked about our children. Mine are grown, but attended the same school where the other ladies children were attending.

One thing was very un-Regency-like. Each of these ladies, though a wife and mother, had other lives as professional women. Two worked in high-profile government agencies, one worked for a government contractor, and the other was a museum curator. And then there was me, the romance author, doing what authors always do– Be in one place interacting with the people there and, at the same time, imagine stories to spin from the experience.

Perhaps I’ll show ladies at tea in my next book. Or perhaps I’ll give my Regency ladies some exciting un-Regency-like roles.

What did you do last weekend? When was the last time you attended a tea?

Be sure to come to the website next week. I’ll show the new cover for A Reputation for Notoriety, have a sneak peek, and a new contest!


  1. How fun for you, Diane! When I lived in London my aunt took me to the home of some friends for a proper high tea. Amazing. I was 23 and did not properly appreciate the incredible opportunity, but I did love it. It was also the last and only time I’ve attended tea. I don’t drink tea, usually. I occasionally enjoy herbal tea, but when I was in London herbal tea wasn’t an “in” thing yet. They gave me orangeade… Wow… now I’m toddling down memory lane….

    Last weekend, I worked on edits for my book coming out in May.

    Ooooo! A new cover!! Looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Orangeade at a real high tea???? Shudder!
      It does sound like a lovely memory, though.

      A couple of years ago I stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea.I’ve always been a tea drinker since a child, so the switch was easy. I just lost the taste for coffee, no special reason.

      I love the new cover. Love it!!!!!

  2. Actually I am planning a tea for next week. Our ladies’ club meets monthly and always has paper cup, soda, cheese and crackers, a sweet, and nuts. Boring. Since I am in charge of the program and refreshments, I have decided to have a tea with finger sandwiches, cream puffs, cookies, etc. I had forgotten about the lemon curd. My husband’s grandmother gave me the recipe (she was from England) and I was surprised how easy it was to make. Delicious, too. I had never had it. I have more than enough teacups and decorations. It will be a pain dragging everything over to the Senior Center, but it will be worth it.

  3. We always have lovely afternoon teas at my writing group meetings. The last one was last Saturday and the lady who hosted it always has the most beautiful china and glassware but she doesn’t cook so her husband does all the prep work – he even left her written instructions on how to make the tea as he had to go out! Such a darling 🙂

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