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A Bit Early…

IMG_0185This week a package arrived for my husband and I asked what it was. After some delay, he said it was my Christmas present. I knew exactly what it was, then.

Last Friday Apple released its new iPad Air and I’d long told my dh that I wanted one. I should have known he would order it on the first day of release. Of course, knowing what it was, I couldn’t wait almost two months until Christmas.

I’ve been playing with it all day and I love it. I’ve loved my Kindle Fire and I’ve loved my Macbook Air. This is like both rolled into one. It is as light, if not lighter, than the Kindle Fire, and thin, as thin as the screen of my Macbook Air. I foresee many hours wasted…I mean, many hours in productive work…on my new iPad Air.

Have you ever received a Christmas present early? What was it and why?


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