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Raking Leaves

IMG_0019I live in a wooded neighborhood. Most of the year, this is a great thing, being surrounded by tall leafy oaks, maples, dogwood, and so on. But at this time of year, it means a lot of work.

So I’ve been raking leaves for the past three days, and I’m not done yet. Our yard is not even that big. The weather has been beautiful, at least, which means not too cold (I hate to be cold).

On our little street, everyone has leaf blowers and we start hearing the whine of them in October (after a week or two reprieve from hearing them blowing grass clippings). We’ve been the one hold-out, preferring leaf removal the old-fashioned way, with a rake. Most of the year we feel a moral superiority. We, at least, are not contributing to the noise pollution of suburbia.

This sense of moral superiority breaks down quickly when we actually have to get out there and rake. Yesterday, as I was struggling to get leaves out of the new patch of landscaping we paid lots of money for early in the summer, I realized that a rake could not efficiently remove the leaves from the stone border next to the house.

At last! An excuse. Moral superiority bit the dust and our new leaf blower arrives on Friday.

What about you? Do you need to rake leaves? How do you do it? Rake or Blower?


  1. Leaves are only starting to turn, a few scattered in the yard from our apple tree. They won’t completely fall until January or so, and then new buds will begin appearing. Leaf blower. My dad has fun with it. He uses it on the sidewalk, to remove grass trimmings and dirt, after mowing the lawn and dust storms, respectively. :-)

      1. Nothing quite like it, except an erupting volcano. My sister, in Spokane, didn’t realize Mt. St. Helens was erupting because the ash reminded her of one of our dust storms. :-)

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