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Day After Christmas

IMG_0225I’m having a lazy, relaxed day after Christmas-the best kind!

I had a lovely holiday yesterday. First the dh and I opened gifts with my daughter. My son, daughter-in-law and the greatest baby grandson EVER, were at the other grandparents (but we’ll do Christmas with them on Saturday). Then my daughter and I made breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast.

IMG_0221After that we prepared for a dinner of ten – my sisters, brother-in-law, sister’s friend, our cousin and his girlfriend, and the three of us. Everyone brought stuff. My sister made the turkey and also brought ham, which just makes the whole process so pleasant. I am not good at roasting turkeys and getting everything to be done on time, so my sister making the turkey makes all the difference. You can see the Christmas dinner spread and my pretty Lenox Butterfly Meadow dinnerware,  a Christmas gift three years ago.

IMG_0230After dinner more gift opening. This year we tried something different. We did a Yankee Swap. Here in Virginia our Virginia Lottery has a TV commercial that shows a man looking for the worst gift possible to give in the Yankee Swap-At the last minute his nemesis swaps this worst gift for his lottery tickets. We had no horrible gifts in our Yankee Swap. I won a cosmetic case with a cat’s face on it and a McDonalds Gift Card. It could not have gone to a better person! We had a wonderful time.

How about you? Did you have a good holiday?

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I will try to gather a list of all the daily winners next week.

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  1. Your merrymaking sounds wonderful. I still love your dishes. 🙂 Mary gave me a book I’m wanting to read… 😉 It’s on the top of the TBR pile. I had a lovely Christmas. Thank you.

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