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On The Road Again – To Retreat

450px-MyAutomobileGirlFromNewOrleansCoverToday I am off to Boonsboro, Maryland, for a night’s stay in Inn Boonsboro, better known as Nora Roberts’ inn. I’ll be staying there with pal Sally MacKenzie, because on Friday April 4, we will be among the 16 authors signing at Turn The Page Bookstore, aka Nora Roberts’ husband’s bookstore. It is advertised as a Mega-booksigning and with 16 of us, it certainly will be that! I’m eager to see how they fit us all in.

Sally and I will be staying in the Penthouse in the Inn, a room I’ve not stayed in before. I will take photos to share!

After the signing we’re all off to Washington Romance Writers Spring Retreat in Westminster, MD, for a weekend of learning, networking, frolicking, and, most of all, being In The Company of Writers.

The WRW Retreat is not a conference; it is too intimate to be a conference, limited to only about 150 attendees. It is my very favorite writing event of the year, because I’m with my closest writing friends, my home RWA chapter, and we have the opportunity to talk writing all weekend long.

Workshops are always good and I’m particularly looking forward to Kathy Gilles Seidel‘s workshop, called What’s Love Got To Do With It, about creating characters whose love is satisfying and believable. I always learn something from Kathy!

I’m going to be the liaison for sociologists Joanna Gregson and Jennifer Lois, who are studying the culture of romance writing and who will be speaking about Romance Writers & the Stigma of Sexual Shamelessness. I’ve met these ladies before and heard them speak and I’m thrilled to get to know them better.

We’ll be playing Romance Jeopardy again. In costume. The theme this year is Steampunk and my friend Helen Hester Ossa has made our critique group a great set of Steampunk hats. Again, photos will be shared!

Most of all I’m looking forward to those moments of connection with old friends and new.

What are you doing this weekend?

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