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In my bio, I mention that I live with my dh and three very ordinary house cats. Actually, they are not that ordinary. They just look ordinary.

I won’t use their names, in case I ever need them for passwords or something.

IMG_0430Here’s the cat-who-lives-on-the-kitchen-table. She’s 18 years old and was sick once so the other cats ostracized her and blocked her from going to the litter box. She got back at them, though. She peed in their food dish! She’s expanded her horizons recently and now spends most of her time on the TV room couch, but she still occasionally needs to be escorted to the litter box.

IMG_0438This is our tuxedo cat. He looks like Sylvester, with fur that comes to a point on his cheeks. He also has fuzzy feet. At ll years old, he’s full of personality. He does have an annoying habit of walking around the house meowing at night with a cat toy in his mouth. And of throwing up hairballs.

IMG_0436And here is Devil Cat. He’s 8 and a real fraidy cat. He’s the classic bully, picking fights because he’s scared. He’s also the cat who, when spooked, bit me and sent me to the hospital overnight. When he’s not scared, he’s a real sweetie, though.

I’ve had cats for most of my life and can’t imagine life without them. There’s nothing like a purring kitty cat to sooth all hurts.

Do you have cats?

(Happy Easter, Everyone!)



  1. Quite the trio. I wonder what kind of series who’d have if you converted your cats to heroes. We have 7 feral cats we “fixed” and feed. People have told us not to feed them or they won’t hunt. Please explain the “presents” left at our backdoor? 😉 Some don’t hunt much, but others are quite proficient. I call them our self-moving lawn ornaments. None of them will let us touch them, but they’ll allow us quite close at feeding time. 🙂 Happy Easter!

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