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Stone10Yesterday at about 6 am I could finally say Revisions Done!
The revised manuscript, Book 3 in my Scandalous Summerfields series, titled (at this point) Bound By A Scandalous Secret, was sent through cyberspace to my editor in London.

For those non-writers among us, we write a book and then send it to our editor who then sends it back asking for revisions. This is actually a good thing, because my editors’ suggestions have always made the book better.

What I do is read through the editor’s notes several times, think about them, talk to my critique partners, and decide how I’m going to do this. Then I go through the manuscript from page 1.

Sometimes I cringe at what I wrote originally. Oh, the repetition, the clumsy sentence structure, the sheer wordiness! It is so easy to see these problems when looking at them weeks later after the revision letter comes. I also find clumsy mistakes like spelling errors, calling the characters by the wrong names, time sequence problems.

As I go through, I fix the problems that my editor pointed out. Another thing that happens is I get excited about the book all over again. I can actually say, “Hey, this isn’t that bad!”

The manuscript is by no means finished at this point, though. I get another chance to look at it after it has been copy edited and you’d be surprised at how many other errors the copy editor finds (and how many of her errors I have to correct!)

But, today, I have that satisfying feeling that I’m finished…except for Book 4 which I need to start writing right now!


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