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Cat Chronicles

Starting in late April we had a horrible flea infestation (with INDOOR cats!) that just stretched on through June and set in motion some awful events.

IM000094The flea problem just exacerbated our old cat’s health problems until we decided one day that he was just suffering too much. So we had him put to sleep. This lovely fellow had always been a very special cat with so much personality. He was 19 years old.

IMG_0028You might remember that last November we had to have the Cat-Who-Lives-On-The-Kitchen-Table put to sleep and that the pain of that was eased by our adoption of two kittens that my daughter-in-law rescued from a feral mother cat.

The gray tabby kitten (now a year old) became ill, probably from something flea-bearing, but we didn’t catch it in time and suddenly she was very sick. A week after our old guy left us, we had to have the gray tabby put to sleep. This was the most wrenching decision of all, because we could have tried to save her, but at great expense and with no guarantee. And if we’d not waited so long….

IMG_1187I couldn’t bear to think of the other rescued kitten having no one to play with, so the very next day we went to the shelter and adopted this kitten (“Spot”), three months old and another gray tabby.

She’s been a godsend. She’s lively, friendly, and playful, and the black-and-white kitten loves her. Even our old remaining cat (“Devil Cat”) has taken to her. He rarely hisses when she plays with his tail or tries to chase him.

So, once again we have three cats. The young ones have been such a joy, but it has been an awful, wrenching time to get to this happy place.

"Devil Cat"
“Devil Cat”
Black-and-White Kitten
Black-and-White Kitten



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