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What Shall I Do Next?

I finished my last book and am on a little hiatus before starting another. I have a little bit of time to think about this. At this point I am completely open to my next story.

Should it be a series?

I like doing series. In fact, I have already outlined a possible series, a Regency Paranormal featuring what I like to call “real” paranormal–premonitions, ghosts, healing, mind-reading. Things like that.

On the other hand, my editor said readers love books about governesses, so, with the help of my friend, Darlene Gardner, I came up with an idea of a lady who takes the place of a governess in order to escape an unwanted marriage. I could like writing that book.

Then today my friend Julie suggested I adapt my first effort at book writing, a contemporary romantic suspense, into a Regency. That’s an intriguing idea, too.

This week I also received my copies of the French version of Innocence and Impropriety, called La Rose De L’opera, about the romance between a marquess’s secretary and a Vauxhall singer. This book just keeps being re-released, once as a Japanese  manga. Maybe I should try a similar story.

Decisions. Decisions.

Any votes?

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