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Surprise! A French Edition and a Manga!

Harlequin authors don’t always know in advance when their books are released in foreign markets. For some of us this is frustratingly irritating, but, me? I love the surprise.

The foreign editions mostly just show up in the mail. A package appears and it is like Christmas. Last week I received a double surprise. This foreign edition was called La Rose De L’Opera. French!

I’ve only had one other French edition of my books, although this is no surprise. Because I often have heroes who are soldiers in the Napoleonic War, I’m often casting France as the enemy. Well, not really France, because I love France, but Napoleon is the enemy and, to a Frenchman, that might not be much of a difference.

La Rose De L’Opera is the French translation of Innocence and Impropriety, a book that has been translated into several other languages, sold world-wide, and really doesn’t deal with the Napoleonic War. I would never have guessed this book would have such an appeal, though.

In 2012, it was even translated into a Japanese Manga and I blogged about it at the time. And again when it was released for the UK market.

Another recent surprise was happening upon a second book of mine released as a manga. The fabulous Hiroko Miura illustrated and adapted The Vanishing Viscountess to Japanese manga and Harlequin Comics has released an ebook English version.

The manga versions come in two volumes, so you have to buy both to read the full story.


Volume 1
Volume 2

Copies of the Japanese manga of The Vanishing Viscountess have not yet reached my door, so I still have that surprise coming. Who knows when it will arrive?

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