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Wednesday Night Writes

For the last few months every Wednesday night I’ve been meeting with other writing friends at a nearby Panera Bread to…write.

Fellow members of Washington Romance Writers have met at a restaurant on Tuesday nights to write, but the restaurant was a little too far to be practical for me. Then Monica Epstein, one of our members, started a nearby gathering and, because my friend Helen joined her and sung the praises of writing together, I joined them. Soon Denise McInerney also joined us and sometimes there have been six of us sitting at tables at our Panera, typing away on our laptops. We meet from 7pm to 9pm and we really spend the time writing, not talking (although we sometimes help each other out with writing snags)

Before I tried it, I would not have believed that I could be productive in such a public place with people walking by and music playing in the background and people talking at other tables. But I was pleasantly surprised. Wednesday Night Writes has helped me meet my deadlines and plow through revisions. I’m between books now, which is why I’m writing my blog tonight at Wednesday Night Writes, but soon I’ll be starting something new and I’m certain these two hours weekly will help me turn my next book in on time.

(For those of you who might be looking for a copy editor or line editor, I highly recommend my friend and fellow Wednesday Night Writes writer, Denise McInerney. Her Stonewall Editing Services can be reached by email  at dmcwriter@aol.com)


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