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I just confirmed it! I’m going on Kristine Hughes Patrone’s Number One London Tours – A Week At The Lake
Here’s Kristine’s blurb:

What is more blissful than a week long stay at an English Lake? This tour will have you journeying through the stunning and varied Cumbrian landscape and staying in a waterside spa hotel famous as a haven for weary travelers for the last 200 years. Along the way, we’ll visit assorted stately homes, glorious gardens and literary landmarks, as well as take two scenic lake cruises and a journey aboard an historic steam train. A bit of relaxation, a leisurely yet interesting itinerary and stunning lake views – bliss.

I can hardly wait!

But you know what I’m really looking forward to? English sheep!

Last year on our walk to Chatsworth, Kristine and I became acquainted with sheep. We could get very close and as long as we didn’t look them in the eye, they were friendly enough.

Here are some of them:

We even woke up to sheep outside our hotel window

Like I said, I can hardly wait!

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