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I’ve been thinking about the nature of happiness today. Partly because my friend Catherine sent me this article: New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy. Briefly, the four rituals involve 1. Gratitude–even thinking about what you are grateful for helps increase happiness, even if you can’t come up with a thing. 2. … Continue reading Happiness

Homage to Helen

Helen Hester Ossa, my friend of over thirty years, moved away this week. Helen and I met through our husbands who worked together, but we didn’t really become friends until I started writing. Our friend Julie and I formed a writers group with a couple of other young women we met in a writing class. … Continue reading Homage to Helen


I just confirmed it! I’m going on Kristine Hughes Patrone’s Number One London Tours – A Week At The Lake Here’s Kristine’s blurb: What is more blissful than a week long stay at an English Lake? This tour will have you journeying through the stunning and varied Cumbrian landscape and staying in a waterside spa … Continue reading Sheep!


Is February  too late for a New Year’s resolution? I am resolving to resume my Thursday blogging. I went on a long hiatus, but I resolve to do better. I plan to continue sharing interesting Regency research items, writing news, and snippets from my travels and everyday life. This year, on March 21, the fourth book … Continue reading Resolution

Cat Chronicles

Starting in late April we had a horrible flea infestation (with INDOOR cats!) that just stretched on through June and set in motion some awful events. The flea problem just exacerbated our old cat’s health problems until we decided one day that he was just suffering too much. So we had him put to sleep. … Continue reading Cat Chronicles


On our last day in England, Kristine Hughes Patrone of Number One London Tours and I took a water taxi on the Thames from our hotel to Southwark where the Mills and Boon offices are located.  The taxi ride itself was amazing, seeing sights like this one: We had time to kill so we explored Southwark, wandering … Continue reading Southwark

I’m Back!

My England trip was fabulous! I owe it all to Kristine Hughes of Number One London. If not for her invitation for me to tag along while she scouted out locations and experts for her upcoming tours, none of this would have happened. Day one found us having tea and scones with Ian Fletcher, author … Continue reading I’m Back!


Tomorrow I leave for my high school reunion–I won’t tell you what year! I’m flying to my best high school friend’s home in Florida and together we’re driving to Jacksonville, Alabama, where we went to high school. Our fathers were in the army and stationed at nearby Fort McClellan, which is no longer an army … Continue reading Reunion!


Shortly after I knew I would be going to England with the incomparable Kristine Hughes of Number One London, I began to obsess about what to pack. Kristine and I decided to travel light since we will be managing our own bags on trains and to hotels. Unbeknownst to the other, we each bought the … Continue reading Packing