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How I Write A Series

This week the paperback of Bound By Their Secret Passion was released. If you can’t find it in your favorite bookstore, try your favorite online vendor! Bound By Their Secret Passion is the fourth book in the Scandalous Summerfields series, the stories of three sisters and their half-brother. Readers first met Lorene, the heroine of … Continue reading How I Write A Series

The Sculptures of Chatsworth

I’m missing England again and remembering Kristine Hughes Patrone‘s and my three days at Chatsworth. William Cavendish, the 6th Duke of Devonshire and Georgiana’s son, was a great collector of art. He prized classical sculpture, but most of the pieces had already been snapped up by the wealthy aristocracy years before. So the Duke commissioned … Continue reading The Sculptures of Chatsworth


Is February  too late for a New Year’s resolution? I am resolving to resume my Thursday blogging. I went on a long hiatus, but I resolve to do better. I plan to continue sharing interesting Regency research items, writing news, and snippets from my travels and everyday life. This year, on March 21, the fourth book … Continue reading Resolution

Preston Manor

While Kristine Hughes Patrone and I were in Brighton this past May, we visited Preston Manor, a near-by historic house dating back to the 13th century, but rebuilt in the 1700s and the early 1900s. The house was restored to this latest incarnation, the Edwardian period. It was interesting for many reasons. For one, from … Continue reading Preston Manor

Off to England!

Here’s a little about what I’ll be seeing in England. Apsley House The Regency Town House I’ll be with my friend Kristine Hughes of Number One London blog. Check out Facebook pages for photos of the trip!  


Yesterday at about 6 am I could finally say Revisions Done! The revised manuscript, Book 3 in my Scandalous Summerfields series, titled (at this point) Bound By A Scandalous Secret, was sent through cyberspace to my editor in London. For those non-writers among us, we write a book and then send it to our editor … Continue reading Revisions…Done!

To England!

I am going to England! My friend Kristine Hughes of Number One London blog invited me along on her exploratory trip in May for designing future tours (more on that when I know more!). We’ll be in London, Derby, and Brighton, and Kristine has all sorts of things planned. Luckily we are two like-minded Anglophiles (and Wellington … Continue reading To England!

Book Club

Do you belong to a book club? I never have, at least not in the traditional sense of meeting once a month and all reading a chosen book. But several friends (Julie Halperson, Mary Blayney, J. Keely Thrall, Lavinia Kent,  and Joy)  and I are great admirers of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series and have … Continue reading Book Club

Deadline Friday!

Book 3 in the Scandalous Summerfield Series–Genna’s Story–is due on my editor’s desk (well, in her email) tomorrow, Friday, at about noon. It is crunch time for me! So I’m going to post a few random photos from my England trips, just because I miss being there. The big news is I’m going to be … Continue reading Deadline Friday!