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Derby and Kedelston Hall

On my England trip with Kristine Hughes Patrone of Number One London Tours, we stopped in Derby. Kristine was thinking about using a hotel in Derby as the main place to stay during her upcoming country house tours, but the city wasn’t really quite what we had in mind. It did have a lovely cathedral, … Continue reading Derby and Kedelston Hall

I’m Back!

My England trip was fabulous! I owe it all to Kristine Hughes of Number One London. If not for her invitation for me to tag along while she scouted out locations and experts for her upcoming tours, none of this would have happened. Day one found us having tea and scones with Ian Fletcher, author … Continue reading I’m Back!


I love Pinterest. Trouble is, I can get lost in it and spend way too much time gazing at Regency art, Regency fashions, and any photos from England. I even use Pinterest to find and collect recipes. Here’s the list of my Boards. I have a new way of using Pinterest, too. I make a … Continue reading Pinterest!

To England!

I am going to England! My friend Kristine Hughes of Number One London blog invited me along on her exploratory trip in May for designing future tours (more on that when I know more!). We’ll be in London, Derby, and Brighton, and Kristine has all sorts of things planned. Luckily we are two like-minded Anglophiles (and Wellington … Continue reading To England!

What A Week!

First, I received my latest book cover for Bound By One Scandalous Night, Book 2 in the Scandalous Summerfields series, or, as I call it, Edmund’s story. Then – zoom! – my fabulous Waxcreative Web people put up the new book information and added a new contest. All the while I’m hard at work finishing … Continue reading What A Week!

Location Location Location

Do you ever wonder how authors pick the settings for their books? I can’t speak for others, but I have a system…sorta. I’m currently working on Book 2 of The Scandalous Summerfields series–Edmund’s story (Bound By One Scandalous Night)–and I needed to send my characters away from London. That was all I knew about it. … Continue reading Location Location Location

Lovely Weekend with Lisa Chaplin

Lisa Chaplin, author of the upcoming debut historical, The Tide Watchers, has been a long-time friend of mine. We “met” about 15 years ago-online as part of a group of Australian and American aspiring writers. Lisa was the first to break into print, writing a wonderful set of Silhouette Intimate Moments and Harlequin Romances under … Continue reading Lovely Weekend with Lisa Chaplin

Harlequin’s Story

There is a wonderful article about Harlequin, written by Kelly Faircloth. It tells the story of how Harlequin began and brings it up to the present. I highly recommend reading it. It’s called “How Harlequin Became The Most Famous Name In Romance.” I confess that I did not come to reading Romance by reading Harlequins, … Continue reading Harlequin’s Story