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A Reputation for Notoriety
A Lady of Notoriety
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Born to Scandal
A Not So Respectable Gentleman?
Liberation of Miss Finch
Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy
Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress
Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady
The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor
The Unlacing of Miss Leigh
Scandalizing the Ton
The Vanishing Viscountess
Mistletoe Kisses
Innocence and Propriety
Mistletoe Kisses
Reputable Rake
The Wagering Widow
The Mysterious Miss M
The Marriage Bargain
The Improper Wife
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The Masquerade Club Series: Out of financial desperation, Ned and Hugh Westleigh, sons of the contemptible Earl Westleigh, convince their bastard brother, John “Rhys” Rhysdale to partner with them in a gaming hell.  The Masquerade Club is born, where lords and ladies may gamble in disguise with no threat to their reputations. Masks conceal only so much, however, as secrets—and desires—are revealed.

A Reputation for Notoriety
A Marriage of Notoriety
A Lady of Notoriety

The Masquerade Club
Identities concealed,
desires revealed…

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Gallant Officer, Forbidden LadyThe Three Soldiers Series: My first connected books grew one from the other. A secondary character in one book became the hero or heroine in the next one. Previous characters made appearances in later books. There was no plan, though. When I wrote The Mysterious Miss M, I Chivalrous Captian, Rebel Mistressdidn’t know it would eventually lead me to Scandalizing the Ton. This Three Soldiers Series was different.I planned the beginning: Three British soldiers share one a horrific event at Badajoz that affects the rest of their lives. Each book starts with the same event but told from the three different viewpoints. In Gallant Valiant Soldier, Beautiful EnemyOfficer, Forbidden Lady, Jack Vernon releases his emotions only in art. AllanLandon in Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress has a black-and-white view of right and wrong. And in Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy, Gabriel Deane is convinced the army is the only home he deserves. When each of these officers meet their heroines, however, their lives begin to change.

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Scandalizing the Ton:: :: In Scandalizing the Ton the hero is Adrian Pomroy, Tanner’s friend from Innocence and Impropriety, and the heroine is Lydia Wexin, who briefly appeared in The Vanishing Viscountess.

:: :: Remember Amanda and Ramsford from The Mysterious Miss M? They get their story in The Diamond (Diane's January 2006 Daily Online Read from The Earl of Greythorne, the villain in Innocence and Impropriety, also appears.

The Vanishing Viscountess:: :: In The Vanishing Viscountess, the hero is Tanner, who was Flynnís employer and the man who coveted Rose in Innocence and Impropriety.

Innocence and Impropriety:: :: In Innocence and Impropriety, the heroine is Rose, one of Morganaís students in A Reputable Rake.

A Reputable Rake:: :: In A Reputable Rake the hero is Cyprian Sloane, the man who had designs on Emily in The Wagering Widow

The Wagering Widow:: :: In The Wagering Widow the heroine is Emily, Madeleineís sister in The Mysterious Miss M.

The Mysterious Miss M:: :: The Mysterious Miss M is Madeleine and Devlinís story.

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