RITA Award-Winning Romance Author

The Masquerade Club Series

Out of financial desperation, Ned and Hugh Westleigh, sons of the contemptible Earl Westleigh, convince their bastard brother, John “Rhys” Rhysdale to partner with them in a gaming hell. The Masquerade Club is born, where lords and ladies may gamble in disguise with no threat to their reputations. Masks conceal only so much, however, as secrets—and desires—are revealed.
Identities concealed, desires revealed…

The Scandalous Summerfields Series

Disgrace is their middle name!

The reputations of scandalous parents have dogged the three Summerfield sisters and their half-brother their whole lives. All they desire is success, respectability—and love. But somehow scandal has a way of catching up to them.

The Society of Wicked Gentlemen

The hour is late and the stakes are high! Harlequin’s exciting collaborative series, featuring connected tales by four different authors. Explore the entire series.

The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

When the Duke of Manning ran off with Lady Linwall it had been the scandal of its day. Did they care? Not at all. Their home, Welbourne Manor, soon housed a happy miscellany of his and theirs—but not hers, not the young son she left behind. When the duke and Lady Linwall die suddenly all their children’s lives are about to change.

The Three Soldiers Series

Three British soldiers share one horrific event at Badajoz that affects the rest of their lives. Each book starts with the same event, but told from three different viewpoints. Will each soldier’s journey help them find love and lead to a happy ending?

The Mysterious Miss M Series

It all began with Diane’s first book, The Mysterious Miss M. From that one passionate meeting come the love stories of six other couples. One book leads to the other; A character who appears in one book becomes the hero or heroine of the next one.

Stand Alone Books

Lady and Governess Series